DEVIN “DELVIS” LANNING came to my attention when, as Board Chairman of the Georgia Music Industry Association, I was asked to Judge a group of Talented Independent Artists throughout a six week contest.  From the moment that DELVIS came to the stage and the music started, I knew there was something special about this 13 year old boy.  His voice was amazing and sounded exactly like Elvis Presley even at such a young age; AND, DELVIS had ALL the”Elvis Moves” down pat too.  
The audience as well as the Judges were stunned by this young boy who was so obviously talented. BUT, what we didn’t know until 
he made his way into the Finals of the competition was that DELVIS is Autistic and has been dealing with his Autistic Challenges since birth.  
Only after he completed the contest, was I made aware of the fact that DELVIS did not speak until he was almost 4 years old, and it was at this age that he began his connection with Elvis Presley.  As DELVIS began speaking, he ALSO began singing Elvis Presley Songs!! To this day, his parents do not know how DELVIS became aware of “THE KING’S” Music as they did not play any of it in their home.
From what I can tell, DELVIS must have a spiritual connection with Mr. Presley, which is the ONLY explanation for this phenomenon.  In support of DELVIS and believing in his Talent and his Heart, I am currently assisting him as a Musical Artist to attain his dream which is to show the world that, no matter what your challenge might be, if you follow your heart and passion, you can rise above any roadblocks in life.
DELVIS is currently in the 7th grade.  Even though he made straight “A’s” in his special school, he was held back from moving on to the 8th grade because he couldn’t count change for a dollar!  Rather than be discouraged, DELVIS just started working harder to catch up, all the while continuing his love of Elvis Presley’s Music and Persona. He is showing the world with each performance that he CAN MAKE CHANGE… He is making a change in how Autism is viewed by the general public everyday as he rises above his own personal challenges and with every performance as sings his heart out.
Please know that a Non-Profit Foundation is being formed through the love and support of an army of caring people for DELVIS to get his message out to the rest of the World. His truth reflects his Spirit and Heart that even though counting change may be an issue for him, Changing The Perception of AUTISM is not!  Thus the name of the foundation: